Leftover yoghurt? Blueberry pancakes!

I’ve been making lots of yogurt, experimenting with different cultures and have ended up with a rather difficult-to-overcome surplus. Yesterday I really couldn’t figure out how we were going to eat it all, so I decided I would use it by making pancakes. I cultured this yogurt using buttermilk, so I guessed it would work out, and it did.

4 ingredients

I am a bit of a yoguphile – could live on the stuff. I love it untouched, unsweetened and all that. I’m a bit crunchy about it, so I want it organic on our shoestring budget. Because of all this I make my own now. Super simple – more on that later.

4 ingredients

4 ingredients

The recipe for the pancakes is also really easy and perfect for the toddler (or grazing husband/partner) in your life. To the sweet-tooths out there – the pancakes are not particularly sweet and you may wish to add a bit of something. Miss K., well she is sweet enough…

Here is how much she enjoyed them:

Miss K. certainly enjoyed them.

Miss K. certainly enjoyed them.

I would say the foot raised to the table is a clear sign of appreciation. Just a warning to say that her legs were stained blue and red afterwards (any suggestions for removing such stains from toddler skin?)

So here goes…

(enough for a toddler lunch, with some for mum/dad)

400mL (1.5 cups/ 13oz) of yoghurt
1 large egg
about a cup of flour
two or more handfuls of blueberries

Mix together yoghurt and egg, slowly add flour and stir constantly. Add as much flour as necessary to make mixture the consistency of honey. Stir through blueberries.

Heat your frypan with the fat of choice (I use olive oil) and cook your little pancakes until golden brown. Serve it with some fresh berries or banana, or more yoghurt, or just as they are.

yum yum

yum yum


2 thoughts on “Leftover yoghurt? Blueberry pancakes!

  1. sherry

    I have never thought to use yoghurt in pancakes. I always use milk and water but I think next time I might try this. Looks delish 🙂

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