Frozen fruit icy-poles

Just a quick one tonight. I know I’ve been a bit quiet, that is basically because I’ve been getting through 3 sewing projects at once – there’s something to look forward to I hope!

I love frozen fruit icy-poles, that is why instead of spending a small fortune buying them, I make them with fruit bought on sale during the last hour at the local markets. Three or four $1 bags make six icy-poles; which is how many cases I have. That is better than $10 for four…

I have found they work much better with some fruit rather than others. I avoid watermelon, rock melon, any melons actually – they somehow taste overripe or yuk when frozen for me. Also not a good idea to put under ripe fruit in, because it is obvious in the taste.

Fresh frozen fruit icy-poles

Fresh frozen fruit icy-poles – plum, pineapple and one banana

Here are some of our favourite combinations:

Apricot, pineapple, one banana and a tablespoon of passionfruit pulp

Plum, pineapple and one banana

Mango, apricot, pineapple, one banana and a tablespoon of passionfruit pulp

I blend the ingredients together using a smoothie maker, but you could use a mortar and pestle if you had the patience… or a hand blender. I find that adding banana to each mix gives the icy-pole the right texture and ensures it doesn’t harden too much if the other fruit is particularly watery. If I haven’t quite made enough mixture, I stuff in some blueberries (which I have a surplus of thanks to mum) or other small pieces of fruit at the top. This also makes them look interesting.

Fresh frozen fruit icy-poles

I am no longer allowed to hold the icy-pole I share with Miss K…

I still haven’t experimented with yoghurt or cream – I’ll keep you posted if something good comes of that.

Have you made your own icy-poles? What are your favourite combinations?


2 thoughts on “Frozen fruit icy-poles

  1. gosiawinter Post author

    Hey Sherry, I was already in bed last night when I realised that I hadn’t included that rather necessary detail! Yes, I use a blender to get it smooth. I might add some extra fruit bits afterwards so they look interesting, but I like it nice and smooth first. Thanks for the heads up!


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