Better bircher breakfast

On the days that we can, the three of us here go to the beach in the morning.

Yup, it’s good. But we don’t want to be out there after 9am when it gets super hot, so we go before breakfast. Going swimming without breakfast makes us hungry of course and a few times we have given in to eating at the cafe overlooking the beach – I know, decadent, right?

We usually get their bircher muesli and it tastes fantastic, which it should for the price tag. This prompted my husband to ask – do you reckon we could make this ourselves? I had a little forage in it’s deliciously gooey contents and realised it wasn’t that complicated. There was probably an ingredient or two I couldn’t decode, but I tried to make it that night and well, it was great! The best of all is that it costs the same to make this for ourselves for a week, that it does to buy two serves from the cafe! On top of this, mine is mostly organic. I feel mighty pleased with that for sure.

better bircher muesli

better bircher muesli – the dry mixture

I get the dry ingredients from Kakulas / Angry Almond. They do some really great fruit mixes and have everything in bulk so that you can get as much as you need.

I prepare it the night before so it soaks right through.

Dry ingredients (quantity for two people, for one week):

1.5kg of rolled oats
half a cup of pumpkin seeds
half a cup of cashews
a cup of dried fruit
half a cup of shredded coconut

Give it all a good shake in a sealable container. Rub in any fruit that wants to stick together. Take out the desired amount for each breakfast. We usually use one cup each.

I put our two cups of the dry ingredients into a container and add the wet ingredients:

2 tablespoons of  lemon juice
half a cup of yoghurt
enough rice milk to just cover over the whole lot

I also add half a teaspoon on cinnamon to this and mix it all together. Then I put the lid on and into the fridge it goes for the night.

better bircher muesli - adding the wet mix

better bircher muesli – adding the wet mix

The next morning, my husband serves it up in two bowls and adds grated apple or pear and frozen raspberries and blueberries on top. I’m not a sweet tooth, but I think many of you might also like to add agave or honey to this.

Bircher muesli serving

Bircher muesli serving

Just to add that Miss K. really enjoyed this breakfast, for two days. Then, she just went off it. You could try it on your kids to see if they like it. My guess is that without the honey or agave it just wasn’t sweet enough, so my little miss prefers her fruit, yoghurt and bread instead.

Bircher muesli serving

Bircher muesli serving


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