Are the 90’s really retro? – Dianas EP#2

A musical digression.

In another life, many lifetimes ago it seems, I played in various bands around Perth. That was the 90’s and early 2000’s. I also went to see many awesome local bands, danced wildly to the post-rock, shoe-gaze, math-rock and generally grungy sounds from some very talented musicians. I don’t even go out much these days, I’m usually up trying to deal with the maddening sleeplessness a teething toddler can induce. Still, I remember fondly nights I fit my whole drum-kit and then boyfriend, Mr Winter, into my Honda City Pro and drove to that weekend’s live show.

I stumbled upon this local and current Perth band called the Dianas just now and their sound really brings back memories, but not of any band specifically – they are not a rip off and the sound is great. They are like a essential aural oil of a bunch of my favourite 90’s bands. I am listening to their EP#2.

Dianas EP#2 - Mrs Winter Creates

Dianas EP#2 – Mrs Winter Creates

There is more than a drop of Adam Said Galore (and related bands) in there, on the track Weightless I feel like I am listening to the Cranberries again, there are definitely moments of Cocteau Twins, which are probably more like 80’s right?

I can’t help feeling that this era of music must be eons away for a whole host of young, talented musicians these days. It makes me want to ask, are the 90’s really retro?!

None the less I thought I would share this gem with you. Hope you enjoy it too!


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