Sałatka jarzynowa – Polish vegetable salad

I’ve been requested recently to post a recipe for my polish vegetable salad. It’s my own doing, I brought it to mother’s day – and it is rather delicious.

The work in this salad is mainly in cutting everything up into tiny cubes. It’s a good meal to make in a small kitchen as it doesn’t take much space if you are organised.

The following recipe is for a large container full. It doesn’t last as long as it looks it should. I personally hide portions of it away from the hubby in the fridge so that it lasts more than a few hours.



5 eggs
750g of potato
2 large carrots
1 cup of peas
1 cup of celery (or celeriac – which would have been boiled)
2 large green apples
4 Tbs of mayonnaise
2 Tbs of joghurt
1 Tbs of seeded mustard (as in the condiment)



Peel all your vegies and fruit. Cut potatoes and carrots into halves lengthwise for easier cutting later.

Boil the eggs, peas, potatoes, carrots (and celeriac if you are using this) until they are hard/soft.

Cut everything into tiny cubes (about half a centimetre squared) and put it into a large bowl, dish or container. Add the mayonnaise, joghurt and mustard and stir through evenly, but gently.

If you like salt and pepper, you could add a bit of that too.

Hide, or enjoy with buttered bread.


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