Bio: Hello dear readers! I'm Mrs Winter and my daughter Miss K. and I present to you our musings, creations, escapades and meanderings. We spend much time outside, or playing inside, cooking, creating and cleaning. Currently we are in Australia. Miss K. was born in Berlin and I in Poznan. Mr Winter is a handsome man who also creates. We have a lovely garden. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Michelle Walker

    Hi Gosia! Love your website and clips!! You certainly are a very talented lady!! Would love to see further posts. Xx Michelle (weaving weekend)

  2. Rochelle Upton

    Dear Gosia: I am way over here in Santa Barbara, CA I was just looking for a DIY yarn feeder because the other day for the very last time, I vowed, the ball would fall off my lap, run across the floor and hide where I could not retrieve it! Then I found your rope basket and read your delightful story, all by just a search. Thank you so much, I was very entertained by your and your cutest daughter. Best wishes and happy holidaze, Rochelle

    1. gosiawinter Post author

      Hi Rochelle, I’m so glad that you have enjoyed this. It is really very easy to make so I hope you give it a go. I would probably also suggest that you find something heavy and small to put inside underneath the wool to stop it from slipping around if you have wooden or tile floors. Have a wonderful holiday time yourself too! Gosia


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